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Where has the time gone..?

Well.. it's been almost a week now.. since they let me out of the hospital. I'm still not sure what exactily happened that got me trapped in there in the first place.

When they told me how little they knew, and how long i'd been there under their care, i almost cried. I remember somethings... i think it's what happened, but i'm not sure, it could just be some sort of crazy dream, ne?

Everything seems that way.

I keep seeing things.. people. I don't think even a dellusional mind could come up with people like that.. how could i know them in such great detail had they not existed? Then again.. what if the reason i think i know them so well is they're just figments of my imigination?

*sigh* anyway.. i don't know. Things are all coming back, but slowly... and, honestly, i don't have time to wait around for them.

I have to get everything straightened out in the new place.

The woman who brought me to the hospital was kind enough to let me stay with her for a while, as well as pay for my bills.. but.. i.. i can't just stay there. So, i moved out. The new place is.. not exactily what i'd like to call even 'nice' but.. it's home, and it's mine for now. For that, of course, i owe much a thanks and money to that wonderful woman, and i'll make sure to pay her back.

It shouldn't be that much of a problem, i already got myself a job. *nods* and yeah.. well i dunno... i felt rather clingy towards computers for some reason.

Maybe someday i'll get one of my own rather then just leeching off of the libraries and cybershops.

Anyway, this is my journal! ^.~v
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