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We're bac~k

We’re finally home again, after a week of being in Kyoto on a ‘school field trip’ with Aya-kun. He really wasn’t all too happy about being a chaperone for the class, not that I could blame him really, though he could have been a tiny bit more cheerful.

I tried to get him to cheer up some, even took him out to go sight seeing, and he didn’t seem to really like anything but his coffee. I lost track of how many times he called me a baka, told me how much he hated me.. etc… It’s just one of those things he does, I guess.

It was hard to let him, or even the mission make things seem down, we were in Kyoto, and.. I don’t know there’s just something about it that makes me feel… fuzzy inside. ^-^ maybe e because it’s a happy place?

Speaking of our little mission, we finished it without killing ourselves, which is wonderful; I always enjoy another day of life. I got a few scratches from it, but it’s nothing a few band aids, time and rest won’t fix!

He was kind enough to talk to me while we were out.. talk in his sleep that is… he said some things, really part of me never wanted to hear it, but.. I did, and we can’t really change that now, can we?

Ken-kun kissed Aya-kun, again. The way they both talk about it confuses me very much, one moment it sounds like they’re doing much more then that, and the next it’s like they wouldn’t even dare to shake hands, let alone kiss.

At least we got to talk about it when me ‘n Aya-kun got home.. though I amazingly enough, am still a bit mad with him. One, he promised not to do that again.. two he didn’t talk to me about this before it was somewhat of a problem.. and three he’s making stupid assumptions about what I want.

You know what I want? I want you people to be happy.. not sulky.. not angrey, or hurt, or holding onto a death wish. And… and I want you to be happy on your own.. I want you to be happy with who you are…

Ugh… maybe I should just go to sleep… someone wanted to come home ASAP and cut out much of my rest this morning.

Gomen nasai for the crabbyness.. ._. i know it's there, i really do. Sleep will help...
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