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I swear some people are just so uppity. I needed someone to watch the kitty, and i'm very sorry, but i didn't want to ask Aya-kun to do it, because well.. i don't know it didn't seem polite! Besides, i don't even know if he likes kitties. I let Yohji-kun do it, and he's really mad, i think, because kitty got into his stuff.

After hearing about not putting the cat anywhere around his stuff, i decided that i was fortunite that he didn't try to squish it or something. >.>; *huggles kitty tightly*

Maybe i should just bring it with me to work, yes, that might work, though i think someone might step on him! Or what if he sneaks out the door? ;_;!!! I'll have to figure something out, and soon.

On another note; Kudou Yohji, if you ever ditch work again like that when you have a shift with me i will find a ~wonderful~ way to repay you for your absense.

I have to go now, but i'm sure i'll be useing this journal more often from now on @_@
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