Omi (omi_the_genki) wrote,

I didn't mean it, really i didn't... Ken was just in one of his moods, and i was in one of mine and before i knew it i told him i hated him..

It's not true.. it could never be true. If i ever loved anyone, anything.. in my whole life it's Ken. I'd do anything for him, not that it really means anything to anyone else.. but.. yeah.. even if he's with someone else i can't stop feeling this way. I think that's why whenever he finds happiness somewhere else i always find myself running over just to be around him, and somehow i screw up his head and make him do things he shouldn't be, things he'd regret later.

I'm sorry, to everyone for that..

I'm sorry to everyone for being so moody lately.. it's hard, i've been working on trying to find out who killed part of our orginization's little family for so long, and i've turned up nothing. Results like that will make anyone upset, i think.

I want to help, i want to make it better, but i can't. I tried and i tried and i tried.. and now i realize i'm about as useful as a used piece of tissue paper.

And they want me to help... to help do what i've been doing for so long.. with THAT.. *sigh*
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