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So i finaly got to spend some time working with Aya-kun, our new teammate! He's really very nice, quiet, but still. I think that may be a good thing though, i mean between me, Yohji-kun and Ken-kun we do more then enough chattering.

It was nice working with him though, he's very good with the flowers, and even the people, though he doesn't say all that much, they still love him to pieces. Everybody was asking me about him too, it was so strange, and they just looked at me funny when i suggested that if they really want to know something about him, why not ask him themselves?

^_^ i think i was probably trying to pry too much, he asked me not to, so i won't.. that's okay with me, i don't want him to be all uncomfortable around us, after all we are going to be working together from now on, ne?

It was fun, last night, he helped make dinner. ^-^! wai! I hope we can do it again sometime!

On a different note; i found out that my little kitty has a strange obsession with one of my shirts.. the brown lace up one.. he keeps dragging it out, or clawing at my dresser until i get it out for him to play with ^-^ it's like his security blanket i guess, it's so cute!
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