Omi (omi_the_genki) wrote,

School days, ah huh!

The past little while has been rather interesting, so many reasons for me to be neglecting my internet life.

The first, and most important of those reasons being the fact that we just got a new co-worker/teammate. I haven't had a chance to really spend time around him, we don't work the same hours in the shop, he's too old for high school, and well.. you get the idea. He seems nice enough though, and Ken-kun said he was cool.

That brings me to the second of those things keeping me away from here.. Ken got me a kitten the other day. It's so cute, so adorable, so tiny.. i've never had a pet before, i just hope i don't end up neglecting it.

We're just about done here. I've gotten get going. The girls said they wanted to show me something so.. i must go see it now ^_^ jjaaa~~!

((OOC: Yay! first Omi post for new game! *dances*))
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